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To us interfaith work describes activities that enhance dialogue and cooperation between different religions we want to connect with global, national, regional and local interfaith organisations to promote the universal values of compassion, forgiveness, reconciliation and peace.

To achieve this goal we are facilitating and supporting the development of the Museum of World Religions in Birmingham to act as a space where people can further their understanding of different religions and have open dialogue between each other, in the meantime while the museum is being built, we want to transform the spaces available within the NCA to act as a temporary centre. We hope to host events that will facilitate harmonious relations between faiths and help enlighten each other to different issues that are prevalent in the community and how by working together Faith has many solutions to age old problems.

Furthermore we will continue to champion the contribution and expansion of selfless service in the promotion of interfaith collaboration while also proactively creating opportunities for engagement, dialogue and initiatives to work for the common good.

Long-term Outcomes

In the long term we want to increase interfaith connectivity and further create interfaith initiatives working for the common good through shared values, beliefs and collective action.

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