Executive Senior Leadership Programme

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Delivering Personal, Community and Civic Transformation for a Better Tomorrow

Our Impact



Our Services

Learning, Development & Apprenticeships

View the numerous opportunities we have to develop your skills and begin your career journey in a friendly environment.

Conferences & Events

Our modern state-of-the-art spaces range from a large conference hall to co-working spaces & all are available to book now.

Health & Wellbeing

A wellbeing retreat where we strive to provide the care and support that the elders of our community need.

Strengthening Families & Welfare Services

This is how we support the community and aim to provide support & empowerment to those who need it.

Peace & Cohesion through values-led interfaith and civic engagement

Intra and interfaith Work

Through our intra and interfaith work we hope to promote cohesion and unity between all faiths with the goal of creating opportunities for interfaith initiatives working for the common good.


We strive to build peace by working as part of a collective with different groups in order to initiate healing and seek justice, harmony and sustainable peace for all.

Civic Engagement and Initiatives

Our focus is to continually develop our existing avenues of support and find more innovative ways to provide opportunities and support to our community with the overall goal of increasing the wellbeing of all.


Handsworth Innovation Hub

Handsworth Innovation Hub is the host of our ‘Innovate Yourself’ series of events focused on bridging the digital divide and providing opportunities to learn about innovative technology.

Nishkam Organisations