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Energy Redress

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We have a formal partnership with Witton Lodge, the lead organisation, AGE Concern Birmingham, NewHope Global & Birchfield Big Local to form the Birmingham Community Action Network and deliver the Energy Redress Project, to help vulnerable people recover from the economic and social impacts of the Energy Crisis.

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­­How we support:

    • Deliver Energy Advice and Advocacy interventions
    • Measurable energy/financial savings
    • Practical help and tips to alleviate rising fuel poverty by helping households reduce fuel consumption
    • Income maximisation
    • Debt alleviation
    • Leveraging of funds to address and improve financial wellbeing
    • Home visits to assess your property’s energy efficiency
    • Energy workshops to educate about various topics
    • Help with evaluating your property’s EPC rating and how you can improve it
    • Look at Grant eligibility
    • Help you understand your Gas and Electric bills.

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