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Why Volunteer?

The Nishkam Civic Association (NCA) recognises the importance of volunteering. It remains at the forefront with its volunteers in advancing community and economic wellbeing, promoting interfaith, intercultural, intercommunity dialogue and championing social justice and inclusion.

Our 3 Year Volunteer Impact



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Become a Volunteer

“We wouldn’t be able to run without volunteers. The building was constructed with volunteers, love is at the centre, it’s in the fabric of the building. And there’s a financial value – the centre wouldn’t be able to run without volunteers. There’s a social and economic value to volunteering”.

Volunteer Case Studies

Mehnaz Fatima


The centre required help in the English classes; I found it a great opportunity because while I was teaching, I was also learning.  I feel proud to be helping others and building their confidence.  I am thankful to the Nishkam Centre for giving me this opportunity, this was my first time working with the Sikh community and it is filled with amazing people.

Volunteering at the centre has opened many doors for me and given me many skills.

I receive a lot of support at the Nishkam Centre and always feel welcome; it is a pleasure volunteering here.

Amarjit Singh


I do the gym inductions for the men, also currently help in delivering the Basic ICT course on a weekly basis. I have helped promote the services at external events like the Vaisakhi mela in Handsworth park, also participated on Sangat TV.  I find the staff here are very supportive and friendly, I was selected by management to complete a course to further develop my skills too.

I find that my skills and knowledge are always expanding, I like to help others and like to share my skills and knowledge with all. I thank the centre for giving me this opportunity to volunteer.

Shasteh Parveen


I started volunteering on reception and now in the Basic ICT class, it has been amazing, even though I am giving my time to volunteer I think that I have gained more in the experience personally. 

It has also helped me to secure a job, I think without me volunteering here at the Nishkam Centre I would not of got that job. It has been a positive experience, the staff are lovely you feel part of the centre, everyone here makes you feel so welcome.

I feel well supported and because of that my confidence has grown.

Saiqa Idrees


I do admin duties within the IAG services, I came to meet the IAG department who then actually told me about the volunteering opportunities within the department. When first came into the country I had no knowledge of the area, school etc. but I found that I had a lot of support and help from the centre staff since volunteering. I have gained a lot of confidence since volunteering; the staff are very co-operative and friendly.