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South Asian Family Support Hub

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About the South Asian Family Support Hub

The Nishkam Civic Association (NCA) has established a Family Support Hub Project focused on the local South Asian Communities. Covid-19 has had a catastrophic effect on all communities in particular marginalised ethnic families. This project will deliver a culturally appropriate person-centred service for South Asian families designed to overcome barriers to build strong and more resilient families.

Our experienced team of Family Support Workers will work with you to support parents, carers, children, young people and adults with single or multiple complex issues, by delivering individual and family interventions.

South Asian Family Support Hub

The aim of the South Asian Family Support Hub is to provide support to achieve the following:

  • Build positive family relationships
  • Early intervention support to avoid escalation
  • Improve educational attainment, attendance and punctuality
  • Reduce deprivation and poverty
  • Improve emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Signposting for specialist support services for e.g. domestic abuse / grooming/ substance abuse
  • Reduce the risk of anti-social/criminal behaviour
  • Ensure safeguarding and provide access to safeguarding and child protection services
  • Act as agents for change to improve family dynamics
  • Support and strengthen families by implementing positive coping mechanisms around structure/routine leading to progress, compassion and unity

In the 6 month pilot we ran in 2020/21 we helped over 114 families with advice and support leaving 100% of our customers satisfied with the service.

Some of the people we have helped…

“I would like to express my gratitude for all the support that you’ve offered my boys and I over these past few months. It’s been a real struggle to leave an abusive relationship after 11 years but you’ve been there every step of the way to ensure my mental wellbeing was not compromised. I will always be grateful for all the phone calls you made from general catch ups to a chance for me to air any concerns or worries I had. You were always happy to help in any way possible – at times I found it difficult to manage all the conversations with external agencies but you were there to help lighten the load. I truly don’t know how I could have got through the last few months without your support”.

“I was overwhelmed with the scale and depth of navigating through the social care system for the zillionth time. I cannot even begin to explain how much Rajinder has supported me on this challenging journey. I am truly grateful to Rajinder for his consistent effort to support me in keeping my head above water. Thank you”.

“I would definitely say the support I have received from yourself has been very useful. It has been helpful for M to speak to someone outside his usual circle and hear how he can better communicate his ‘frustrations’. The award chart has been fantastic for both M and T to try and achieve as they both strive to outdo one another in a positive way. Our home has become that little bit more harmonious as a result. We do have the odd moment where M allows others to get to him bit thankful those moments are much fewer and far between”.

For further information contact Rajinder Singh Bhogal, Project Lead on 0121 515 4229