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Learning at the Nishkam Centre

Here at the Nishkam Centre, we offer a variety of different educational and training courses that are easily accessible to people of different levels. Our small class sizes help the teacher build robust relationships with a strong sense of trust. This allows the student to feel comfortable and builds confidence to ask questions and participate to get the most out of their classes.

We hope to offer programs in a progressive manner, allowing students to advance seamlessly through the range of levels from foundation to advanced. We aim to make this transition as easy as possible and fully support our students in progressing forward and being confident in their abilities

Nishkam Apprenticeships

Our apprenticeship programme is designed to provide values led qualifications all the way up to the degree level.

The Nishkam Apprenticeship programme delivers values-led qualifications ranging from GCSE to degree level. We do this to support organisations & students to thrive by co-designing programmes to meet current and future needs that will uplift individuals, communities and organisations.

We hope by providing education, training and apprenticeships we can unlock the potential of individuals to help them secure well-paying and fulfilling jobs that in turn will help them make a positive contribution to society.

Professional Courses

Our professional courses focus on developing skills within a certain job industry or career path in order to get you the qualifications you need to succeed in that career.

AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians)

Our AAT courses are for people who wish to develop accounting skills and/or aspire for a career within accountancy. By the time you have successfully completed our courses you will have gained all the skills required to receive an award highly recognised in the finance sector, equivalent to the standard you have achieved. In addition to courses we also do AAT Apprenticeships where you can learn on the job while also making money.

AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate

Where you will develop your skills in finance administration and learn about double entry bookkeeping, purchase, sales and general ledgers, basic costing, and using accounting software

Enrichment Courses

Our Enrichment courses are tailored towards the needs of our community and the areas we think they would enjoy learning and developing skills in.

Beginners Punjabi Language

We offer a beginners Punjabi class to teach people how to read and write in Punjabi. This class is for anyone who has little to no experience of reading or writing in Punjabi and wants to learn the foundation essentials of the language.

Beginners Sewing

Our beginning sewing class is for people who are not experienced with sewing and want to learn the basics.

Intermediate Sewing

For people who are more experienced with sewing or students who have taken our beginners sewing class and wish to advance their skills we have an intermediate sewing class available.

Life Skills Courses

Our life skills courses are designed to help you develop key skills that you will use in your day-to-day life.

Basic ICT

The basic ICT course is designed for people who don’t have proficiency with technology and is designed to teach them how to utilize computers for day-to-day activities such as booking appointments and online banking.