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The Nishkam Centre is developing and delivering a wide range of Innovative welfare and aid services for both local and global communities.

By working with key partners who share a similar vision and ethos, we are able to provide holistic support and services which are essential in supporting and empowering individuals and families in times of need.

At the Nishkam Centre (NCA) our aim is to provide free services or heavily subsidised services. NCA promotes social change by tackling a multitude of educational, social, cultural, economic, health and wellbeing issues. However, to achieve this we require volunteers and funding, primarily for our Information and Advice Services (IAG), which is currently being provided through the Community Safety Net project. We have a shortfall of £130,000 which is needed to meet the capacity needs due to us having a small team dealing with a high demand for the service. We also have a shortfall on funding for our South Asian Family Support Hub project of £56,161. Unfortunately, a lot of funding resources have closed, the funding that is available is very low and limited and our main funder, the National Lottery cannot continue providing funding, although they understand the need is there, more so than ever due to the cost-of-living crisis. We therefore need to diversify our income streams, continue to strive despite the struggles in obtaining funding, to help those for whom we have become a safety net and who need our help more than ever.

How can YOU help to make a difference?

You can also make a difference to our local and global communities. Donate today and see how a little can go a long way.