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Mrs Pyari’s Story

Published 05/09/2023

Nishkam Civic Association

Discover Mrs Pyari’s story from being made homeless by her family with severe health issues to thriving in her own flat, living a healthier, happier life.

Mrs Pyari was referred to the Nishkam Centre by her social prescriber Chitra, who works at Mrs Pyari’s GP practice, so she can receive support from the CSN (Community Safety Net) team, which aids the local community with welfare benefits, housing & debt.

At the time of the referral, Mrs Pyari was homeless and suffering from severe health issues; recognising the severity of the case, the CSN team referred Mrs Pyari to Womens Aid, where she was put in a shelter for 9 weeks. During these 9 weeks, the CSN team supported her in making successful PIP and Pension Credit applications and finding her a flat to live in.

Due to Mrs Pyari’s health conditions and the need for support at her new accommodation, she was referred internally to the SAFSH (South Asian Family Support Hub), another one of the centres Strengthening Families and Welfare Services projects that help individuals and families navigate single and complex issues through advocacy and mediation with agencies such as schools, specialist support services and more.

Recognising the immediate support Mrs Pyari needed in carrying out essential daily activities, the SAFSH team contacted occupational therapy to increase her case urgency to Level 1 (urgent).

In Mrs Pyari’s case, occupational therapy fitted her in a flat-level shower, as she had difficulty getting in and out of the bath. Additionally, she also received assistance in getting a walking frame to help her get around.

We captured the thanks Mrs Pyari wanted to give to the team below as well as her view on the importance of the work we do at the centre.

Mrs Pyari’s case embodies the vision of the Neighbourhood Integrated Care and Connectivity Project; to provide a wraparound service that provides support, focusing on early help within various sectors.

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