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Our goal with Handsworth Innovation Hub is to promote social mobility, inspire people with tech & innovation and help connect them to enhanced educational and career opportunities.

About The Innovation Hub

Handsworth Innovation Hub was established by The Nishkam Civic Association in collaboration with Taran3D to help support marginalised communities access tech & innovation. Our ‘Innovate Yourself’ series of events helps bridge the digital divide, giving people the opportunity to access education, training and career opportunities in a welcoming and inspiring environment.

Handsworth Innovation Hub operates at a grass-roots level to connect and engage with people through technology and innovation. This is achieved with the support of Birmingham’s leading XR company Taran3D and the renowned Nishkam Civic Association, which itself has over 20 years of deep-rooted history in the local community.

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Events Line-up

3D Printing

10th December, 10am-12pm

Learn about 3D printing, processes and techniques as well as the abundance of sectors it is used in. Our guest speakers will share their vast knowledge and experience of 3D printing as well as some practical demonstrations.


21st January, 10am-12pm

Our first event of 2023 is an introduction to programming and its many uses for young people in the community. Our guest speakers will share advice on how to start a career in programming and introduce them to ways they can break into the sector.

Digital Art & Design

18th March, 10am-12pm

Join us to find out what Digital Art and Design are and how they differentiate from traditional graphic design. We’ll be discussing the evolution and future of digital artistic creativity and highlighting the career paths it can lead to.